About the Author

I started getting involved with dogs on a more professional level (stepped it up from pet ownership). My journey began with a (Black) German Shepherd in Schutzhund (IPO) back in October of 2004. I trained with De-Vil (a female) for 1.6 years but we never got the chance to trial. She was an “on loan” from a Breeder who had an extra dog available for me to work but eventually she was placed into an early-retirement pet home. It was my Malinois, Lynxiene, who I first trialed and put titles. We earned our Rally Novice (AKC RN), Begleithundeprüfung (Schutzhund BH) and Brevet (French Ring BR). We have to date trialed 4 times towards a leg in French Ring 1 unfortunately without any passing scores (but we had fun and looked great as a team). Lynx grew older with each passing day. My little girl became a Senior in age and was suddenly overtaken by blackness in her lungs in August 2017. She passed away in October 2017 from Lung Cancer. My girl fought with her every breath. Lynx had such attitude and strong spirit. I will always remember and cherish my silly brat. ♡

I first got involved and acquainted with the Shikoku breed in 2006 when I was looking for a new canine member to add to my family. I knew that I wanted a Japanese breed because I loved the Japanese language, culture, anime and manga so much.