This is the World of Airreyalis. A realm that encompasses all of what I do mainly pertaining to animals, animal-related things and travels. I breed Shikoku Ken – a “Primitive Spitz Type” Japanese Hunting Dog. I breed under the Preservation Name of “Areyarisu” (アレヤリス). I come from a Working Dog background and as such it is the Working Ability and Working Traits of Shikoku I wish to preserve. We go out on many adventures and it is here in which I hope to document and share some of these adventures as a kind of online journal. So that you (the reader) can take a peak at our lives and these amazing canines. One of these of years I will finally get around to actually doing it (blogging/articles). Shikoku are my focus but I also currently live with Alaskan Klee Kai, Belgian Groenendael and Yakutian Laika (Якутская лайка). It definitely is the Spitz (Northern) and Shepherd (Herding) type breeds that have captured my heart. ♡

~ Corina Annette González

Note: I have troubles keeping up with the online things. So if you are looking for a quick response then you can send me a message via Instagram @airreyalis . It links to my phone so it works similar to that of a text message and is much easier for me. For Puppy Questionnaire you may still e-mail me a request. I am working on updating the website and adding a FAQ section which may help answer a majority of your questions.  🐱

Last Update: 30 December 2018